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SAVAGE Soft Hoodie | Black

$39.00 $59.99

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 Product Description:   

  • Unisex fit
  • Black colored hoodie, pristine red SAVAGE logo design
  • Extreme softness and comfort
  • Air-like breathability 
  • Effortless and relaxed, this is your go-to everyday fit
  • 50% Organic woven cotton
  • 50% Polyester
  • A magnificent piece designed to be worn by a true SAVAGE!



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 86 reviews

    Honestly so in love with this hoodie. I heard all the hype about this new clothing brand called "SAVAGE" on Instagram and I thought it was gonna be wack and low quality. My order arrived a couple days before it was supposed to, the hoodie is freaking awesome! High quality, warm, soft and the logo looks even more badass in person. Lmfao I went to this restaurant with some friends earlier and it was busy as heck. When it was my turn to order the cashier literally stops me in middle of me ordering my food to say "OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT HOODIE?!" I guess she really liked it. I definitely recommend this hoodie and just ordered me a white one and a black t-shirt too.

    Thanks @Savage

    So badass!

    Ordered me a black tshirt and a black hoodie and used the discount code. My order got here like 3 days before it was supposed to. Here is a picture of me holding up my Savage merch officially joining the movement haha

    Quality is 5/5 stars. Think, soft and very high quality. I wore it out for a friends party and 3 girls asked me where I got it from lmao. Love it keep it up guys

    thanks but also dont arriwed

    thanks but also dont arriwed

    I bought it and didn’t get t yet

    So I bought this hoodie a couple of weeks ago and I wanted it before I went on my vacation and I still haven’t got it please tell me why??!!

    Savage Hoodie

    My son loves his Savage hoodie fits small so he is 9 and ordered an adults small and it’s perfect .